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'We're living in Reeth, working for Reeth and loving Reeth. Why not join us?'

What is was founded in April 2009 and launched on 1st August that year. The idea for the website was born mainly out of frustration! Businesses in Reeth had been hit by the 'Credit Crunch' and Recession in just the same way as businesses elsewhere. There also appeared to be a frustrating amount of apathy and distinct lack of fight in the local and national authorities, local councils and supposed 'support' agencies to actually do anything that may achieve a meaningful upturn in the fortunes of local business and therefore the local community as a whole.

Businesses in Reeth pay inflated rates, mortgages and fees due to the locality within the National Park. When was the last time a representative from your local authority, licensing agency or 'support forum' came to visit your business to ask what they can do for you? If and when they do, you can guarantee one will would cost you money, a lot of money!
How many websites that profess to advertise and promote your business are you paying for and have you ever wondered what you're getting for your money? In most cases, you may find that your business is lost in a vast directory list that is (if you are lucky) specific to the local area if not the county or even nation-wide. That's a lot of other businesses to compete with.

What can do for your business?
Ask yourself one question -  When you searching for something on the internet, how specific are you? That's right, by the time you enter your search into any of the major search engines, you pretty much know exactly what you want.
So, let's apply that theory to most people who may be searching the internet for your business in Reeth. They will not be searching for 'b&b in Yorkshire' or 'builders in Richmond'. At the moment, whether you like it of not, your business may be lost in cyber-space amongst thousands of other businesses.

The solution: is specific to the village of Reeth and the surround Two Dales area. Only businesses that are based in, or benefit the economy of Reeth are allowed to advertise on the site.

The Benefit: will feature 1st page* on every major UK search engine and promote your local business direct to the people who may want to use your services.
* strive to achieve 1st page ranking for your benefit and will work constantly to achieve this on your behalf. Unlike other static business listing and directory sites, is a dynamic site that is being constantly updated, promoted and optimized - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) cannot guarantee 1st page ranking in all search string queries. cannot guarantee 1st page ranking in all cases at all times. is run by the same people who achieve 1st page ranking for many local businesses, Yan-Tan.


What's in it for us?
We all know and appreciate that you very rarely get something for nothing! Time is money after all and how many of us would get out of bed, go to work all week and not expect to get paid for it? has running costs and we will look to recoup those costs with the business we will generate through advertising on Additional monies will be used to further promote the site and generate a greater amount of meaningful visitors (not 'hits') to our site and, as a result, YOUR site.

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