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Why buy oil through an Oil-buying Cooperative?

Bulk buying oil with your neighbours is a great way to lower the cost of your oil bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Research shows that when communities buy together they can see a 10% reduction in their oil costs, meaning fewer oil tankers on local roads.

Richmondshire District Council has asked Yorkshire Energy Partnership to set up an Oil-buying Cooperative for the residents of Richmondshire.

“I’m glad the oil cooperative started up, glad I got in touch and I will be recommending it to my neighbours” Mr B – Askrigg Oil Buying Cooperative

How does it work?

  1. We will work with you and your community to establish how an Oil-buying Cooperative will benefit you.

  2. Once enough residents within a community have expressed an interest in the cooperative, a dedicated Oil Coordinator will liaise with the oil suppliers to negotiate a cheaper price per litre for the members.

  3. We will then place the order with the oil supplier who quotes the cheapest price and pass on the member’s delivery details.

It is free for you to be a member of an Oil-buying Cooperative. Yorkshire Energy Partnership will levy a small administration charge (of 1p per litre) to oil suppliers to cover administration charges.

Many Oil-buying Cooperatives run with a volunteer acting as the coordinator and because the cooperatives being set up by Yorkshire Energy Partnership and Richmondshire District Council are currently part-funded, we will encourage and support members of the oil cooperatives to carry on with the cooperatives once they are properly established.

What do I do next?

Express your interest to join Reeth and Swaledale oil buying cooperative by calling your Oil Coordinator, Martha Holmes, on 01904 545 020 or emailing

  •  The Oil Coordinator will then contact all members in time for the next order date. If you need to put an order in, you can let the coordinator know how much you need along with any delivery requirements.

  • The Oil Coordinator will then negotiate with the suppliers until they have the best price for the members.

  • Members will then receive notification of the price of the oil per litre, the oil supplier that will be delivering and when they should expect to receive the delivery.

  • Once the oil has been delivered members pay for the delivery direct to the oil supplier.

For more information please contact Martha Holmes, Oil Coordinator at Yorkshire Energy Partnership on 01904 545 020 or by emailing For more information about Yorkshire Energy Partnership please visit








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